We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) and are governed by Data Protection Legislation. Security measures are in place to prevent unauthorised access to third party information.

Consent is obtained before access to personal information. 

The documents retained include:

  • Learner application records

  • Record of registration with appropriate governing body i.e. GMC/ GDC/ PIN number


We adhere to strict environmental guidelines in relation to disposal of clinical and sharp waste. By complying with legislation, regulations and code of practice it enables safe, successful operation of courses.


Whilst we attempt to prevent any negative experiences, we do appreciate all feedback and complaints. These can be delivered informally (verbally to staff member) or formally (in writing). All complaints will be responded to and resolved within 4-6 weeks of receipt.


Our company strongly opposes any acts of discrimination base of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or disability to any person within the course. We respect staff and delegates from all backgrounds and beliefs and we strictly abide by a zero-tolerance policy for bullying or harassment. Formal complaints can be submitted in writing via the complaints procedure to the Managing Director.